Why your brand needs video

For your brand to drive sales, the use of video should be an integral part of the plan.

From our experience there are a number of benefits derived from the use of video, some of which may surprise you.

Video is often overlooked and deemed a frivolous use of cash. We’ve seen the discipline of scripting an ‘about us’ video challenges clients to articulate their proposition concisely to their audience.

There’s a common tendency to unpack product features, rather than showcase the product’s everyday benefits. The other issue is using too much jargon that complicates the message and alienates prospects.

A well drafted script, supported by a strong delivery and well produced video will bring to life the business’ core proposition, focussing on what makes it special.

There’s an argument to be had around mobile footage in advertising, however using premium material on the website helps with credibility. Nonetheless mobile video footage is a worthy consideration for further down the line.

Once the site is built, repurposed footage can help build your marketing funnel and generate web traffic. Prospects may not purchase on the first look but the offer of a similar product or service may mean they’ll be more likely to buy next time. Facebook video ads represent value for money too, being about 10% the cost of other formats like a carousel or single image ad (wordstream).

When assessing cost considerations; it is important to reflect on cost per play in addition to the total video production cost. We’ve managed to get cost per play down to a small number of pence for one of our clients. This has really stretched their marketing budget versus traditional media when cash is spent regardless of whether the ad is seen or not . This is driven by a combination of the quality of video and the strength of the implementation. For more tips and tricks - read this.

Added to this, using Facebook ThruPlay, the ad is served to users who are likely to watch it in its entirety – or for at least 15 seconds (quite long), the brand only pays for the ads that have been watched.

Hosting a variation of the video edit on a business’s website also adds value. Studies show that users spend 88% more time on pages with videos (Web fx). Consequently, the brand will rank higher in search terms and builds credibility. This longer video execution might be a variation of the shorter initial hook, and offer the customer the opportunity to unpack more about your product or service.

In our experience the benefit of the journey of planning, delivery and roll out of the video, uplifts average on site time and has led to an increase conversion rates for our clients.

Whilst such returns may never be guaranteed; according to Hubspot, video on a landing page can increase conversions by up to as much as 80%.

So, if you aren’t using video on your site or repurposing your existing video content to generate traffic to your site, now’s time to start.

An example of a longer form 'about' video. We hosted lots of shorter form executions from this shoot in paid advertising, this encouraged prospects to find out more.