• Tom Rowe


Hi There.

I hope you enjoyed the video and got to know a bit more about Carden Rowe’s services.

Once I have a good understanding of their business I do a lot of strategic thinking for my clients. We then create, as applicable, social media content, paid advertising, partnerships, emails, newsletters and how best to cost effectively deliver these services. There is not a one size fits all approach, so I’m sure client needs and my offering will evolve over time. Each business has a different model, the approach varies accordingly.

I have always felt video is essential marketing output. Whilst this is only part of our service, I believe it is the best way to tell a story. Strong video content may now be produced surprisingly cost effectively. It is currently an under used medium by most companies – perhaps because of the perceived costs.

This ‘gap’ in the market was a factor in leading me to set up Carden Rowe to help brands grow. Having worked for BT delivering Consumer brand advertising for BT Sport and EE, I have experience across the media mix. I now apply the same professional rigour in this to produce best in class material in my own agency.

I really care about making effective marketing solutions for clients – if the solution is not good for you and your customers it’s not good for me. Like you, I want repeat business and happy clients.

Recent successes include working with with Tara Cookery, a Chef teacher. We pivoted her business away from kitchen based cooking classes into Zoom classes. She is busy every night of the week, making more money now than before the pandemic. Her brand is underpinned by the quality of her offering and her new video content reflects that too. We’ve also seen that the pandemic has brought about a change in behaviour across her customer base. They love virtual classes too and they’ll be here to stay, a night out but in – if that makes sense? Everyone in the household benefits from the designated chef that evening.

We’ve released a content series, and generated enquiries from Corporates and Athletes for brand partnerships. We’re in no doubt that her business will change as we emerge from the constraints of the Corona virus pandemic. However the business is moving forward from a stronger base and is already familiar with an evolving business model and client offering.

There are other clients who I will champion in the coming months ahead. Please join my mailing list to follow the journey and pick up some ideas for free!

Make an enquiry today, please be as specific as you can with your marketing challenge and let’s arrange an initial consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the Best,