• Tom Rowe

Tara Cookery... so far.

The best advice Brian Chesky Founder of Air BnB ever received was "Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like." Tara Cookery is well on the way to achieving this. In fact she’s taught over 630 students in the last five months. There’s reasonable duplication in there, but I’m a marketer…

I first started working with Tara in January. Having used her service, I knew she had enormous potential. Of course, during a lockdown digitising her teaching was the only option. Surprisingly, in the food space, Tara’s proposition remains original for now. Joe Wicks, we’re coming for you.

With people bored at home, meal times were a real highlight of the day. In fact, they always are for me. This is oversimplifies it though, Tara has a 100% success rate in repeat business, i.e. everyone has done more than one class. It has significantly outlived being a lockdown novelty.

Let me try and get back to marketing my own service. A more professional approach to quality video content has given her further credibility, providing prospects piece of mind that this is a serious entity, backed up by her rigorous training and experience in different kitchens around the world. We were keen to make sure her brand of professionalism came across in her every communication. Alongside this, I have been strict to add a more holistic and cost efficient approach to her marketing activity, identified her bullseye audience and sought appropriate partnerships. No wasted ad spend, the bottom line is important.

She has built a loyal customer base who value the tips as you cook along, these are not available in your standard cook book. Neither is it possible to share the struggle of a complex dish with like minded Chefs and foodies. No this isn’t beans on toast and the occasional chaos in fellow student kitchens is relatable and likeable. Trust pilot reviews for the new website are glowing but importantly, open to constructive criticism. Keen to host this third party because without it, you could literally make it up.

We’ve given her the chance to scale and the shiny new website (coming soon) will host evergreen material and a source of ongoing revenue.

Further to her standard product, Tara now generates enquiries for corporate classes, brand partnerships, as well as the return to her in person classes. Much of these opportunities we attribute to better content through her Instagram page. Her teaching ability and authentic charisma remains as good as, probably better, than when I had my first Tara Cookery experience. The more you do, the better you become. She's done a lot of teaching.

I think all this proves that sometimes we just need a chance to prove how good we can be.

If you know someone who has a similar service, whether they be yoga teacher, gym trainer etc and might benefit from a little bit of help, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can make this happen.

In the meantime buy your class with www.taracookery.com

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